The editors of the journal are responsible for making decision on publication, providing validity of their decision by involving of leading scientists of SibADI and external specialists, as reviewers, to the discussion of the received articles. The authenticity, scientific value and relevance of the considered paper are in the basis of the decision on publication. Considering the reviewing as an important unit for ensuring an exchange of scientific information, the editors make demands to the reviewers on maintenance of confidentiality, objectivity, equity, clearness and argumentativeness of expressing their own opinion, respect for the principle of recognizing original sources.


  • Originality of the research;
  • Providing reliable results of the work done;
  • Objective consideration of the research’s significance;
  • Correctness of data  presented;
  • Recognition of other persons’ contribution, availability of references to the papers used;
  • The information should be presented from confidential sources with their permission;
  • All participants, who made a considerable contribution to the research, should be presented as co-authors;
  • The final version of the work should be approved of all co-authors  and has their consent for publication;
  • In case of an inaccuracy or error’s detection the author should immediately contact the editorial office  for error’s correction or publication’s withdrawal.